Heal your body with Affirmations

Disease = dis ease with life = emotions / mental block. Of cause, the weather affects us without a doubt. Many at times, we can look internal within us. As i read about the “problems” with our health and such: it boils down to the heart : heart chakra when the heart is happy. You…

How to get rid impure energy inside

Chanced upon this article .. very interesting. have you ever wondered why do we produce gases? Many would say cause we have consumed food items / gas related beverages that caused us to produce gas. Did you know that those are unpure energy? Do you release gas after mediation or yoga even sometimes after exercising….


It’s been a while since I have updated my blog ….. Do stay and bear with me awhile longer. Will be covering on essential oils by doterra, kundalini yoga and mantra led by Shirley Tay and my personal journey…. Stay tune ….