In the modern society, its hard to balance oneself. Many uses exercise as a form of physical health and also a release of excessive energy.

I truly believe beside the physical self there is another realm of self that most of us have forgotten – which is our soul our inner self. To release, to balance, to repair, to cleanse our for the best of our higher self.

10 min to 20 min away in our own sacred space, to be with one and to enjoy the flow of energy.

This is about my spiritual journey – Kundalini Reiki, Mantras, Crystals and essential oils. I love to spread the word and love of the usage above. Its purely based on my experience and others, quoted from the websites and books which I found relevant.

Do leave a comment, if there is anything that you wish to read more here or email me at : universecallingme@gmail.com





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