Surrender VS Letting Go

I guess I finally realized the difference between Surrendering and Letting Go. It has never ever dawn on me that there the difference is just so small.

Surrendering to Fate or Fighting against Fate, Letting go to allow our Fate to Happen or Letting go to Fate and allow Destiny to take place ~ getting a little confused here.

I will allow myself to surrender to what I was born and how I have fight against my fate in the world of reality. Holding On to self-belief systems, Now I let go of my old self-imposed belief systems.

The quote above actually sums it all up, I allow myself to Surrender to what is it now and letting go of what was. Having faith and trust in what will be in the future . I define my future as seconds later, minutes later , days later and years later. I cannot change the past that is for sure BUT I have the tool to HEAL the past – past as in yesterday, months ago, years ago and even my past life.

Since the last night yoga, working on much on the lower back and tummy, I was totally knocked out by the end of session and had a good night sleep. From the time, I woke up this morning till now, I was given 2 messages to clear internally – the need of control and the need to know. Through this blog, I accept that I was indeed a control freak and the Anxiety to know, I let it go now, I let it go to the center of the earth, I let it go to the Universe of the world. I now embrace myself with forgiveness to myself, the thousand apologies to my higher self, my soul.

“a little back ground couple of days ago, I went for a natal chart reading. The chart was pretty spot on with my birth character but after I couldn’t resonate with most”. It was a natal chart that charts out what happen 6 months ago and 1.5 years from now. I do not know what the future holds. But for sure, I knew what happened 6 months ago, it only made me believe and trusted that my fate is changing. Reason being, it was not inline with my natal chart and because I started on my spiritual journey 6 months back. I do agree that I was much affected by the chart and I wanted to hide under a shell so much. The heaven was indeed and kind and they seem to know, they send me angel to be with me. She did not know what was she out for but she knew she had to be out, TADA, she was waiting for me to pass me a gift which was not intended for me initially.

“I promise myself to be kind to myself, I promise myself to give the best each day.. it might not be what you expect out of me, I might not reach your expectations… BUT I know that I have done my best for the day within my capacity for the day.”






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