When all is dark, there IS a beam of Light

My journey hasn’t bee an easy one. Be it career, relationship of all sort, financially etc.

We have been through our “hardship” in own way,  many at times, we are not able to see how can we get our or resolve a situation. Because of this, we start of being our finger pointing. My mother has always taught me, when I am pointing at someone, the other 4 fingers are pointing back at myself.

Indeed its being said then done, how could i ever blame myself  – it because of someone’s behavior that lead me to this. Just past last week, I saw mirrors of myself – one being condescending, one being thinking that the contribution to the company is a lot. Yes indeed and many more mirrors.

I ask “upstairs” how many more mirrors do I have to see. I dun wish to see the my ugly side anymore.

The rainbow from above :Archmichael Angel’s messages that appeared at the right time:

“there’s no need to feel guilty; however, there may a need for a healthful change in direction”; ” You and God are one, and there is no separation between you and God’s pure loving power & ” All of the infinite wisdom of God’s mind is one with your mind, and you have access to all the information and answers”




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