Today is a wonderful day – a lesson I learnt to appreciate the little abundance in life that taking place in my life. 

My physical body is recovering from the sudden out burst of ezcema since Nov 2015. I have learnt that this is connected to fear . And much I did try to ignore and tell myself it will get better but inside me I was fearing . Just a week ago, I did EFT to release the fear – I address is as I fear the way how people view me physically and how they judge me as a person. Once that was being released and with a postive affirmation – I knew deep inside I was on the way to recovery. They symptoms cleared . 

My emotional self or the journey to light, I have a group of girl friends who are ever so supportive, and urge me to continue this journey with faith and trust. Their messages are ever so intune with what I was going thru. I was searching for salt bath containers at this old shop, this lady started asking me about salt bath and if she was doing it correct and in my best knowledge I explained to her the uses and essential oils as the same time. She took down my number and said will call if she has any more questions. All I said was sure, I will share what I know . My vocal instructor who I had learnt from the past year, never spoke to me about meditation until she asked what do I do to keep balanced, I told her meditation with mantras. She told me her journey and introduced a light person to me which I have attended one lesson with her before and she focused on my breathing . How people are coming in randomly to “test” my knowledge. 

Since I was 9yr, I have not won any lottery or lucky draw. Just this July – I won a little lottery and a lucky draw voucher today . 

To sum it all, I know that my life is changing with all these gifts coming into my life. You may ask it’s just pure luck, to me I have asked and manifested in abdunace in financial freedom, knowledge and guidance to pursue my interest . All these messages has made me realized all I need is faith and trust the work I do, trust that my mind is the only boundary I have. 

If I may take a moment to give gratitude – that would be a friend who has introduced me to my yoga teacher and my healer Shirley Tay. She is the founder of Heart of Polaris she guides me with pure intention and also the inner group that has encourages not forgetting the people in my life past or present for all of you journeyed with me some how or rather. Thanks for being teachers in this life time regardless bad lesson or good lessons. 


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