Be Present Be Aware Be here

It’s been long since I last blogged anything.. Reason being, I am helping my mentor on the social media front and also kinda of lost these days.

I feel that being lost ain’t  something too terrible in the midst of being lost, we tend to find ourselves somehow.

Have picked up a few quotes to share:

“Life is made of quiet moments, soft words, and the kind smiles that we spread”.

We often frown almost at everything and really forgotten that we are mostly frowning at ourselves, we frown when we are looking at our phone and really anything. Frowning has become such a permanent expression that we frown even when we are amused. So really stop spreading the frown and share the smile

“A Moment of self – compassion can change your entire day. 
  A string of much moments can change the course of your life. 
  You cannot serve from an empty vessels”

All of us accumulate both good and bad moments, moments that we wish that we never ever remember. But then again because of those moments, we learnt importantly by having to accept and be a little compassionate towards our selves help. Its very much easy to be compassionate towards others but to ourselves it a challenage. Just one day at a time, we will learn the art of self-compassion. ~ Kristin Neff has defined selfcompassion as being composed of three main components – self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness.

“Forget Yesterday
  It has already forgotten you
  Don’t sweat tomorrow
  You haven’t me
  Instead open you heart to a truly precious gift {TODAY}

We all let yesterday bother us somehow, why didn’t i plan for this back then etc or what is going to happen next week or tmr. Yes, we all need to plan our life having to work towards a goal BUT its important to also have a balance with it. Sometimes, we are too stuck in achieving our goals that we forgotten or neglect many things in life. It can just be a moment with your parents. Have you noticed how much they have aged, the happy wrinkles they have?  We all are living in regrets and not living in the moment when we should. What is an hour meal with them or with your friends. Are you listening with your heart? Are you with them at all? Or just being there for the sake of being there and doing things out of routine? What is your choice…. you do not want to regret when the person is gone. That is why living in the present moment is so important. When God needs them, they have to go for he has a plan for them.


This post is slightly heavier towards the end as i am doing a self reflection of myself.




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