Getting out the toxin

According to Dr. Samuel West, he discovered the importance of activating the lymphatic system. He found that there are “trapped proteins” in the lymph system which produces conditions that cause loss of energy, disease and death at the cellular level.

He conducted an experiments and had had outstanding results by simply getting people to pump out the toxins the “garbage” disposal system (our lymph system) with some simple and gentle movements.

This discovery is so simple that many actually discard it as being to “simple or easy” to be of any value. However the results that people who did these exercises several times if possible per day are sometimes close to “miraculous”.

1. Stretching the arms to both sides then move your ARMS up while breathing in (through the nose)and at the same time make circles with your HANDS (deep breath from the lungs not the stomach, the expansion of the lungs squeezes the thoracic duct and creates more flow). Hold your breath shortly.

2. Next, move your ARMS down while breathing out (through the mouth) and makes circles with your HANDS as you move the arms down.

3. After doing this a few times you may feel a bit light headed which is a sign your body is dispelling toxins. You will need to stop at that point. With time you will be able to do this for longer.

Affirmation when as you are doing this exercise: ‘wash the cells, feed the cells, purify the cells’ to help pump out the toxins.


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