Mercury Retrograde cycle

I am not sure about you guys, but i fear retrograde, it makes me tired and I seem to need more energy to do certain things. I read through many write ups however this makes the most sense to me:

We know about retrograde probably in the recent years , maybe for some of you earlier. I think i resonate with this author ~ TIME TO DE-CLUTTER

“THE time to re-think, re-do, re-define, re-organize, re-assess, re-orient, and/or re-plan without taking action on the “new plan” until after Mercury Retrograde ends. It is the time for completions; i.e., cleaning up paperwork, paying old debts, doing what we’ve promised that hasn’t been completed OR otherwise handling those matters responsibly.

Its a time to look into our inner-self : to mediate a little more, to spend more time with self. A little routine for this period: To Listen to ask your higherself / universe/ spiritual guides on answers.

Take time up in the morning : to breath, a little yoga, a 5 mins mantra for me I add in my reiki – of cos with an essential oil that calls out to me.

In the afternoon : to listen to any songs / mantras that calls out to you. Maybe a little citrus scent to boost up the mood.

In the evening: A salt bath with my essential oil of the night. Why did I choose this over the others: Sea salth not only help people relax, the salt  help to pull toxins out of the body importantly the negative energies that you may have “attracted” along the day. During my bath, I ask for the water to be cleansed, i visualize that the dirt, murky energy is bring washed away by the salt water. And my body and soul is rejuvenated by the essential oil and salt.

You may ask what have i picked for essential oil:

  1. Geranium : Promotes cell health, assist acne and help fade the scars, prevents bacteria from developing on wounds, increase urination & helps remove toxins from body; helps with depression and anxiety: this helps with the throat chakra. It allow us to be centered enough  to bring the angelic realms closer for comfort and reassurance.
  2. Lemon:  Cleanses, purify, nourish the skin, calms the tummy,  improves the mood. Solar Plexus : aids our digestive systems


For more information on the above oils: you may visit:




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  1. AriesIntrovert says:

    Are you a Gemini or Virgo?

    In my experience your ruling Sun sign planet turning retrograde (or if you know your rising sign, the ruler of your Ascendant) has the most direct impact on you. (Leo and Cancer Sun signs get a free pass unless the have difficult aspects to their natal from the transiting planets.)

    Up until next week when Jupiter turns direct we have a MAJOR retrograde party going with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are retro… but we can be thankful the rest are direct. 😉 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. universalenergyandi says:

      I am carp – sagii and Carpri


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