How to get rid impure energy inside

Chanced upon this article .. very interesting. have you ever wondered why do we produce gases? Many would say cause we have consumed food items / gas related beverages that caused us to produce gas.

Did you know that those are unpure energy? Do you release gas after mediation or yoga even sometimes after exercising. This is because we have done something to our body that causes the fluid to move hence release the unwanted gas / toxins.

How do you feel when you need to poop but unable to? Terrible isn’t it ?  I shall summarise this article;

  • It was mentioned that doctors are not actually curing you before youare will but help to get rid of the viruses, bacteria, and other types of germs that can cause some kind of disease environment which makes you ill. But it doesnt cure the root.
  • Pathogenic environment  is usually caused by “impurity” – unpure energy; water and excreta accumulated inside
  • We all know that its important to poop to get rid of the ‘rubbish’ but did it is as important to get rid of the water inside via urination.
  • Unpure energy is can also be produced by your mood, if you are prone to create bad energy inside – there is Yoga – we ask to release, in Mediation – we ask to release the bad energy inside us.
  • Unpure energy stems from bad mood – is associated with liver and gallbladder.
  • For those of you that holds  your fart – the bad energy will move up to the other organs hence affecting them. With the unpure energy inside the body, it will reduce the speed of the blood flow = stagnation = blockage.

So how:

  • Drinking enough water
  • Eating food that ‘soothe energy’ – turnips, beans / sweet potatoes to get rid of the unpure energy.
  • Rubbing your tummy every day – can help relieve the unpure energy { think sacral  / solar plexus } {use peppermint essential oil (EO)} – or what ever that calls to you}. Use your finger, palm to rub the area from the heart chakra to the lower 3 chakras. This will help to dispel unpure enery, water and excreta.
  • It may help with related ailments.
  • Energy block – mediation, or rub slowly with EO until they seem melted away. Once in the morning once at night.
  • While doing the rubbing; if you hiccup or fart its a good sign of ascending clear energy and descending unpure energy inside your body.
  • If you hear water sound: it might suggest that the movment of unpure water inside. Try to rub a little longer and try to urination (cause by holding your pee it might cause headache, ezcema or loose stools.

At the end of the day, do brisk walking with the nature, ground your self , release those negative energies and energies that are not yours.

*do drop me a comment or suggestions.






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