Mantras – Ra Ma Da Sa *meaning*

This this is mantra for the ultimate healing mediation. This mantra can be used for self and people around us. Before, I start sharing on the use of this mantra, lets understand the meaning of the mantra. 

This mantra has 8 sounds :

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

Ra – Sun {root}

Ma – Moon {sacral}

Da – Earth {solar plexus}

Sa – Impersonal infinity {heart}

Sa sey – Totality of infinity {heart&throat}

So – Personal sense of merger & identity {brow / 3rd eye}

Hung – the infinite, vibrating & real {crown}

This mantra cleanses and balances the vibrations in the body. It is reccomended by various sources to have this mediate for 11 mins. Will explain in a later post on what happen as the min passes. 

points to note : this mantra can be send to others as a form of healing. Imagine the person that you would like to send this mantra to bubbled in a sacred space / white light. After this 11 mins of this mantra, hold the breath , root lock, and send this mantra imagining that this person you wish to heal is full of vitality, healthy, strong and radiant in the sacred space and send from the heart. 


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