My Spritual Journey

In search of the new age, dappled from astrology, numerology, fengshui, hot yoga, tarot – have always been reading and trying to decipher what was in for me since birth.

Road was always smooth since birth, I could always seem to get the study course I want the job interviews were a breeze. Till i hit my mid-30s, there was an internal struggle, i felt that there was too many obstacles and i could not love myself as much. Friends of years repeated many times that they “lost” me , no more hearty laughter, not wanting to spend much time with people who truly cares about cause i felt that they were trying to get into a space which i do not want to share at all.

I was living in fear of the future and still trying to find out what is should my career be, why am I not able to attain what I set out to be? Why wasn’t I able to lock in on target? I compared myself with my peers – i compared the salary – I was behind like almost 30% behind them. I lived my whole life with expectations and i ask alot from everyone and expect everyone to be like me. I wanted to be love and liked , to be the one that people look for in times of needs, i wanted to be a pillar of everyone.

It was a Friend , that introduced me to this teacher – Shirley for Chakra healing. Since i have always been intrigue with new age why not. And that has somehow changed my life.  I was more aware of physical signs – nothing is coincidence.

Shirley was a very kind teacher, upon her 2nd time asking to attend Kundalini Reiki Level 1, i started to practice and slowly Level 2 and Level 3.  I attended with an open heart – her one sentence hit me very hard and I will always remember: This is only the beginning of the spiritual journey, when we manifest it must be clear from the heart. I tried – and i could see the difference when i manifested. I “played”  with the energy, but the energy wasn’t fooled by me.

Questions that you may ask me: how has it improve your life? I do not see a difference in your life? Friends say you are even worse off like breaking out in rashes and more body aches? But I kept my faith – both Master Kuthumi, Goddess of Mercy and spiritual guides has kept me safe. Importantly, my teacher Shirley – has always been there to reassure us and also to encourage us.

How has it work for me: I am more aware of myself, I have begin to love myself more, I listen to my body and higher self more. Everyone say I love myself – but to me its not easy to balance.

This is how I incorporate the teaching from Shirley:  Tuning in with Ong Namo, Morning Breathing, Chant Ra Ma Da Sa / Aad Gurey Nameh, 3 mins of Reiki closing with 3 long breathe with root lock.

You may ask I do not have time : I would say listen to your body, I know i am not doing it totally correct, I used the time i commute, I used the time while doing work to chant – your inner souls knows.

Will share more of what i have learn in the next few posts …. tune in

Disclaimer: I am writing this as part of my release and journal of awakening [no one is paying me ]. For those who chanced upon this blog and are interested; do contact my teacher:

Shirely’s Website: and her contact: (65) 9199-2684.


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